Westers Garden

– An oasis for body and soul

The Westers Garden is located on the beautiful Kimito Island in the Turku Archipelago. Its roots lie in the old kitchen plots of the farmers and seafarers – today the garden is completely under ecological cultivation. Flowers, herbs and vegetables are grown side by side in harmony. As to the acreage the Westers garden is not the largest one, but here you can find for example more different types of herbs than in many other gardens. You can buy herbs to take home and plant them for example into your own garden or balcony plantation. You can fill your basket with colourful flowers, aromatic herbs or fresh vegetables. And more so, you can fill your soul with fresh impetus and find new ideas for your own garden. In the Westers Garden beauty and usefulness are equally important. We hope that a visit to our garden will be as refreshing to your soul as it is to your body.